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How Long Should My Gutters Last?

Your gutters were installed last year and they are leaking already. Maybe you’ve owned your home for 30 years and can’t believe how long the gutters have held up. But still, the question comes up everyday: “How long should my gutters last?”

The short answer is 10-30 years. Many factors determine the life of a rain gutter system. Here are some to consider:


Did a reputable and licensed Rain Gutter Installation Company install your gutters? Did a handyman install the rain gutters? This makes a big difference because every home is different and presents unique obstacles. A licensed and well-trained professional will understand the proper way to mount the gutters with proper pitch and the correct number of downspouts for your home. Improper installation can severely limit the life of your rain gutters.


Are your gutters metal or vinyl? Steel or Copper? Metal gutters last longer, and half round copper gutters can be difficult to install. Vinyl gutters warp and crack in our San Diego sun. Go with a strong metal gutter, installed by a professional for a longer life. Consult with a licensed and professional gutter installation company for more specific information on what is right for your home.


Do you live near the beach? Do you have lots of trees, debris and animals around your property? Gutters that do a lot of work tend to need replacement sooner because the gutters are doing their job to keep the elements away from your home. The ocean’s salty water eats away at gutters much faster, shortening their lifespan.

Proper maintenance will help soften the damage from any location issues.


The Number One factor on the life of all properly installed gutters is proper maintenance. Is the debris cleaned out? Are they secured after a wind storm? Are the rain gutters flowing clearly through the downspouts? All rain gutters will fail if they rot out from improper cleaning or neglect. Click here to find out how often you should clean your gutters to extend their life to as many as 20-30 years.

Thanks so much for choosing SD Gutter and Solar Cleaning and please Click Here For A FREE ESTIMATE!

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