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Due to the spread of coronavirus, SD Guttters, Inc. is  taking extreme precautions to keep everyone safe. Here is our Covid-19 Protocol:


On the day of your appointment, you will receive a text and/or email  when we are on our way to your home. Upon arrival, you will receive another text and/or email notifying you that we have arrived. We won't ring your doorbell and will maintain a safe distance at all times. If there are specific items that you would like to point out, please kindly take a picture and forward to me via email or text.


When the work is completed, you will receive a text and/or email  and will forward you any updates and/or recommendations. Within 24-48 hours of the service, you will be invoiced via email with instructions on mailing a check for payment. The checks will be held for a period of a week or so before being deposited. If you would prefer to pay via paypal please let me know.


Thank you for understanding!


San Diego Rain Gutter Cleaning