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Hello Everyone,


We have received a number of questions that are probably better answered here.  Please feel free to send us any additional questions.  Thanks!


What do you do?


We are a rain gutter cleaning company.  We also do minor repairs on rain gutters only.  Minor repairs are any repairs that do not exceed $500. If you are looking for major repairs or installations, we will be there to help you clean them once a different company does that work.  


Are you insured?


100% We carry liability and workers compensation insurance and will provide proof upon request.


Are you licensed?


Yes. We are licensed with the Contractors State License Board of California and our License number is 1082070.


Are you bonded?



How do you clean the gutters?

We clean the gutters the old fashion way; with ladders, a bucket and contractor bags and our hands.  We never powerwash.

How did you get into this line of work?

My step-dad was a roofer as was his father before him and he owned a successful roofing company in Brooklyn.  He introduced me to the roof very young.  Then I went to law school.  6 months after graduation I started my own law firm in NYC.  After some years of sitting at a desk, I decided to teach improv (a passion of mine) and clean gutters.  I started the company “Brooklyn Gutters” and then a year later my wife and I decided to move to San Diego to clean your gutters in the beautiful sunshine.  We love it here!


How can I receive an estimate?


The rains have us very booked up right now, and we still want to hear from you to see if we can help you out.  The best way to receive an estimate is to visit our contact page and fill out the FREE ESTIMATE FORM.  Click Here Now!





Do I need to be home?


Nope. When a client isn't home, we will make a curtesy call to the provided number, begin the work, and then bill you with an invoice via email. Once recieved you can mail us a check.


Does Tommy do all the work himself?


These days Tommy is a one man show. He sometimes has some help, and his sons are entering teenage years, so maybe soon he will have some help!

How long does it take?


The average home is between 1 and 3 hours for a rain gutter cleaning. It all depends on the condition of the gutters.


San Diego Rain Gutter Cleaning


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