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Fire Prevention with Rain Gutter Cleaning

Rain gutters might not be your first thought when it comes to fire prevention, but in San Diego, it is a necessity! San Diego receives very little annual rainfall; so neglected rain gutters are a chronic issue for many San Diego homeowners, especially during fire season.

Rain gutters fill with debris, which acts as kindling for fires. Brush fires, wild fires and even fires caused by arson can potentially ignite the debris in your gutters rendering all other fire prevention methods useless. Tile roofs will NOT protect a house if your gutters catch fire.

So, if this is such a concern in San Diego, why don’t more homeowners clear their gutters regularly?

First of all, gutters are out of site, and without rain to remind us to look up, we forget.

Second, even if you don’t have many trees around your home, routine gutter cleaning is necessary. Roofing material, bird and animal nests, and wind can all carry a variety of debris into your rain gutters.

Finally, gutter cleaning is dangerous and many San Diegans are smart to not attempt to clean their rain gutters themselves. But, at the same time, many roofing and rain gutter installation companies don’t have the time for smaller rain gutter cleaning projects. That’s where SD Gutter and Solar Cleaning comes in!

Let our experienced cleaners come to your home and prepare it for fire season with clear and safe rain gutters. Click here for a FREE ESTIMATE!

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San Diego Rain Gutter Cleaning


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