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What is the Difference Between Rain Gutters and Drains?

When you look up at your home, you notice the rain gutters system that runs horizontally along the edge of the roof. You see debris protruding out from the rain gutter. There is no denying, it’s time to clean the gutters!

You see the rain gutter funnels into a downspout that runs vertically along your house, and it runs into the ground? But what is that tube/pipe at the bottom of your house that runs underground? We are often asked, “Does San Diego Gutters check and clean those too?

The answer is “They are Two Separate Jobs for Two Separate Professionals.”

Rain gutter systems run horizontally along your roof edge and their downspouts run vertically to lead the water to the ground level. On some homes, the downspout empties into a drainage system that brings the water away from the house. In some areas it empties onto the street and then travels downhill eventually finding its way back to the ocean. In other areas, it empties into an underground sewer system.

San Diego Gutters is a rain gutter cleaning company that only specializes in the cleaning of rain gutter systems from the roof to the service of the ground. By law, drains must be checked and cleaned by a licensed plumber who specializes in drainage systems.


Both are important, but here is a secret to keep the costs of rain gutter and drain cleaning down:

Keep The Clogs In The Gutter and Not In The Drains

When SD Gutter and Solar Cleaning cleans your rain gutters, we add a very small vinyl screen to the top of downspouts that empty into drains. This keeps debris at the top of the downspout to avoid clogs working their way into your drain system.


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